Smitten with…

People. Colors. Spicy spices. Vegetables. Handwritten letters. Vice travel documentaries. Table Settings. French speaking babies. The Banjo. Red Toe Nails. Limes. Trains.  Batsheva Dance Company. Community. Coffee shops. Felt. Forts. Squirrels. Food Blogs. Sparkling water. The Great Divorce. Cargo bikes. Date night.  Handcrafted Cocktails. Farmers markets. Mamahood. Chinese medicine. Poetry. Portland. Peppermint oil.  Sore muscles.  Human posture. My sweetest little lady. My Creator. Anything foreign.

Inspired by…

My New Roots//Sprouted Kitchen//Roost//Happyolks//Local Milk//The Road Is Home//Spilled Milk//Inked In Colour//Crumbbums//A Denver Home Companion//Petite Biet//Flourishing Foodie//The Vanilla Bean Blog//The Path Less Pedaled//Copenhagenize//

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