Give me an adorable apron, a glass of red, a fist full of herbs, and time.  I will give you my heart. I am learning that I am a storyteller, or rather a memory keeper. I have just always shared through movement, and most recently with food.  Years ago I would have not imagined my wanderlust could fit inside a domestic, mundane life.  But it is here, in my kitchen, where I overflow with gratitude, and where purpose fills my bones.   As a wife and a Mama, cooking and baking have become my everyday means to find joy, and celebrate life. Creating and savoring whole food dishes has become a visceral pursuit, my domestic adventure.

This blog is a space for me to document and share the colors and tastes that fill our bellies, and the stories that weave in and around our lives.  It’s a collection of recipes, but also our stories and truths, so that one day my daughters can cultivate and share this beauty with their families.  This space is a place to feed my appetite for color and my longing for substance that grows far beyond my plate.

Erin is a wife, mother, choreographer, dreamer, and whole food enthusiast. She and her family live car-free in Portland, OR, where they strive to live a good life, simply.  You can contact her at erinnicoledelaney@gmail.com.


  1. Erin!

    I miss you so much and I am so inspired hearing about your mama adventures. You are such an amazing person and I so wish to catch up with you soon. Love you and miss you.


    1. I miss you too Meghan! Can’t believe we are both Mama’s:) I look forward to catching up in person one day soon as well. Maybe in Portland in the very near future!

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