To Rest in Beauty


Beauty blows in and changes by breath.  Surely it is everywhere, available always, waiting to be acknowledged and praised.  But sometimes in the most unassuming moment, it rushes in, overwhelms the space, and leaves me in awe, wondering how and why I was chosen for and given this life.  The pacific is such beauty and magic that my littlest lady, running and dancing a million miles a minute, stops and feels it too.  She dances fully and exhales deeply to the sound of the ocean, just like her mama.

DSC_0115  DSC_0122

The good evening light shines on my 92 year old grandfathers face.  I wonder everything and yet ask little about his life.  There is not enough time to know everything I desire to know. So, I pour some red, massage his wise and well lived shoulders, and savor these precious moments.


My love arrives a few days later, and my soul rests in his presence.  Together we are home. We open good bottles and eat fresh seafood.  We rest and watch, chase and play.  Our beach babes are on the move, chasing the ocean and catching the wind.  My sister and I kiss and cheers to the good life.   This is indeed the good life.


I reach for my lens to capture this beauty but beg my heart to capture this feeling.  Remember this forever, I tell myself.  Forever and ever, past all the ever afters.


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