To Feast & To Flourish

DSC_0089Two weeks ago today we made an epic life decision.  It will change the course of our lives, the way we see the world and the worldview we help create for Octave.  We decided to sell our car and one week ago today we actually sold it.   This beauty is being handmade in Portland, OR and is on its way!  We didn’t expect to sell the car this soon, so until it gets here, Octave and I are relying on our feet, the support or our friends and Christopher’s ambition.  With the biggest snow storm of the season, we are getting cabin fever.  Some hours I have felt frustrated but most of the hours of the day I have been filled with complete joy.  I am so proud of us!  In my opinion this is the most important decision, apart from getting married and having Octave, we have ever made together.

It may take years until we get back to Portland or Denver (both friendly bike cities,) and even more years until we are debt free and if that is the case we want to live now.  We want to live out our values and be true to our convictions.  We want to show Octave that with creativity and strong will, anything is possible.  We want to show her that loving your neighbor can go as deep as living simply and sustainably so that our neighbors on the other side of the world don’t have to bare the burden of our lifestyle.  We want to show her that most of the time, we have choices, we might just have to sacrifice something else we want.  We can’t have everything, and that is great because it really doesn’t feel good to have everything anyway.

Our choices and where we spend our money reveal what we value and love most in life.  We don’t want to spend $10,000 a year on a car.  It is totally okay if others want  to, but we just don’t.  We are tired of our money supporting things that our hearts don’t.  We want to spend our money on quality food and drink, to be enjoyed and celebrated with friends and family.  We want to use our bodies to their fullest potential because some people don’t have healthy and able bodies, but we do. We want our money to build up and support life.  We want to be debt free.  All these issues have been heavy on our hearts and while life has been good, it has not been as full as it could be.  Almost all the things we value and desire in life could be achieved, simply by getting rid of our car.  While this town might not be ideal, with little public transportation, no car share program, extreme weather, high winds, intense hills, little bike infrastructure and a 15 mile commute each way for Christopher, we know that there is no better time than the present!

This morning Octave stayed home with Christopher and I braved the elements to go to the grocery store.  I have not felt that alive in months!  I knew it would be hard, but I didn’t think it would be that hard!  I had to walk my bike up the most massive hill of all time.  At least in Casper.  Our cargo bike will have more appropriate gearing and I won’t carry 50 pounds of groceries on my back, so I am still very hopeful.  I bought a little more than what my body could carry, loaded it up in a massive backpack and pedaled away feeling so accomplished.  As I came down that massive hill with all our groceries, and most importantly 3 bars of chocolate, a handful of limes and eggs I prayed  wouldn’t break, I felt so content with my simple little life.  I have many hopes for our future but this morning I was completely present and satisfied.  While I did not grow all the food I carried on my back this morning, I worked hard for it.  My back feels it as I sit here and type, and this brings me much joy.  Working hard for the simple things in life feels right to me.  Everything tastes more flavorful, everything has more meaning.  Our life is just as it should be and I am filled with so much gratitude.  I am grateful that I have a husband who is passionate and strong willed and craves adventure like I do. I am grateful for a husband who is not afraid to be different.  I am grateful that we are sharing this car free life together.  I am grateful for Octave who doesn’t even know she is about to live a completely different way.  I am grateful for how her life inspires both of us to live true to who we are, to live here and now.  I am so happy that our little family has begun to feast upon our life because it tastes so dang good!


  1. Congrats on the new adventure! I have a story to share sometime about a certain ambition to bike to the store with a backpacking backpack, filled to brim on way home, hit a bump and lost my balance….ambulance later all was sore but ok…so just watch your balance and the weight limit!! You’ve already done better than I did!

    1. Emily, those are both great rules! I totally respect that. Our car was not bought in cash:( So it feels good to be free of it. Sometimes cars bring people together, increase the quality of relationships and the quality of life. At one point this was true for us, but now being here in WY it didn’t really make our life better, physically, spiritually or financially. And so we took the plunge! I am sure your second car is truly needed and will be used well:)

      Ps. Thanks for giving a shout out to my blog! That made me smile.

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