Coffee Beans & Dreams


When I smell the earth, steaming in my morning cup, I feel a deep sense of purpose and strong urgency. Urgency to live louder, share better, express more. There is so much more life I want to live. Words, colors and images fold and unravel inside my bones and my brain creates more space for the pretty little things I inquire and dream about. I want to create. To make something from nothing. On open land, in the garden, enjoyed at our kitchen table. I want to create space for space to just be. For people, places and things to come alive in our presence and at our welcome. I want to move from the inside out with a babe inside, one at my feet, upon my hip, and holding my hand. Four babes and my love, but one for now. One perfect one, she is.  I want to create something from nothing, all from the Almighty, received and lived humbly (by us.) I dream of roots and a proper nest and then I sweetly remember that this transient combustion, a product of our past present and future, was once the center of my day dreams. This very season, in a tiny space, not our own. In a small place, that doesn’t feel like home, we are fulfilling our dreams.  It just takes a little different shape, in a very different place. With my most favorite human in the world, I made a bambino. A mama and a wife and a baker, I have become. These names are so natural I forget they were once a dream.  But, this was everything I wanted and everything I want. I exhale the heaviest gratitude and savor the last sip of morning goodness.

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