For the Love of Baguette

DSC_0024Bread gets a really bad wrap these days. I get it; I used to be on that bandwagon too.  Carbs bad. Especially white carbs.  Especially white bread.  However, I have relaxed a bit and I hope/think for the better.  Sure, white flour might not be full of nutrition but I noticed when I started baking my own bread and eating it too, my body finally found a balance that I had always tried so hard to achieve.  There could have been other factors helping my body find balance. I didn’t just eat bread. I started making almost every single thing from scratch and ate lots and lots of vegetables.  I also rode my bike and walked almost every day for a year, while we lived in Denver.  I also could have just been at an age where my body just figured things out.   It was probably a bit of all of those things. I am not trying to say that bread is good for you, because it’s not, really. I just don’t think I have given enough credit to the love and joy that comes from baking and eating, even white flour.  I truly believe that the joy that comes from kneading, shaping, watching, slicing and then eating my own bread, is in fact the nutrition.  The endorphins my body releases when I experience this patient process is not to be disregarded. Obviously, eating junk all day and claiming it brings pleasure is not where I am going either.  There is a balance to find everywhere, in everything.  My thoughts are just to simply enjoy the entire process from table setting, prep, cooking, eating and clean up.  To make everything with my own two hands so I know what goes in it.  To eat loads of vegetables, drink fresh pressed juice and to never EVER suppress a chocolate craving.  Just as long as it is dark, organic, fair -trade and wrapped in pretty paper!  Here is too white flour. Because it makes gorgeous baguette that makes me feel European, and that is a good enough reason in itself:)

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